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The man behind the brand.
Francois Marais


Director and Head Professional Achitect

Francois Marais is one of the leading architects in the South African market, coming from a family of architects, design runs strongly in his veins. Francois Graduated from Wits University B.Arch (Wits), where he proceeded to work for his families architecture firm. After a few years of experience Francois branched out and started his own architecture firm, Francois Marais Architects. Francois Marais Architects has grown into a top brand and is celebrating their 20th year of producing signature designs. 



Francois's firm is a dynamic team of designers that are up to date with the latest trends locally and internationally. Francois selects his team considering a variety of factors and each person brings a unique quality to the business creating a well rounded firm that is top in their industry.