House Stroh

Residential Architecture


The extraordinary modern style house, offers spacious and luxurious emphasis between the building and nature.  The specific overlapping rectilinear bars inspire the design for both symmetry and artlessness, while firmly rooting itself to the landscape. Designed with a modern ambiance, the steel, glass and concrete residence opens the layout to abundant natural light.  A simple rectangular landscape with the presence of water, evokes serenity which personify the dynamic transformational routes of nature. While each space certainly has its own personality, the creative touches and whimsical elements are all visible from afar.  This house most interesting feature is definitely the garden, underneath the delicate staircase that leads to the second floor, that takes the living area and bends the boundary between indoors and out. With modern fixtures and gorgeous furnishings, the circular cut-out in the roof is lid up by down lights that place emphasis on the creative lines and shapes. The clean white design with the use of natural stone cladding in the interior spaces takes this design to the next level.

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