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Build your dream house by using the best residential architects in South Africa

Whether you are planning to build your new house or thinking about renovating your existing one, its important to get a specialist on board in the early stages. Francois Marais architects don’t charge an initial consultation fee and will prefer to work together with their clients from the beginning of the planning stages. Renovating and building a new home requires a lot of planning consideration and an architect will be able to advise on the correct procedure and steps to follow in order for a smoother process.

Why should you opt for best residential architects?

If you want to get the best designs for your home by utilizing space and making it more functional and appealing, then you should turn to the professionals in the field. An Architect studies for more than 5 years to understand the makings of a functional and practical structure as well as being an artist in their designs. Francois Marais Architects has been in the business for over 22 years and has experience on many different levels of design from, Residential to commercial and industrial buildings. We are here to make the sometimes daunting task of building a little less daunting by providing step by step assistance to you from our years of experience in the trade.

What will professional interior designers and architects do for you?

If you want the house of your dreams, get in touch with the best professional residential architects in South Africa. The best part about Francois Marais Architects is that they will not reflect anybody else’s ideas and concepts but rather tailor a design that is customized to you.They work with you from conception of the project to ensure a design that is perfectly suited to you and your budget.