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Commercial Architecture Design Services in the urban Location

Commercial Architecture has evolved a lot over the years to accommodate the ever-changing needs of
businesses and the way that people live and work. This genre of architecture seeks to combine style
with functionality for varied business needs and it takes great skill and a complex understanding from
the Architect involved to bring commercial complexes to life. The beginning of the design process of a
commercial complex involves market research done by the client, a thorough documentation of the site,
sketch plans and basic spatial layouts as well as service areas, and providing for and securing an anchor
tenant. Architects will seek advice from clients to discuss space requirements and the type of building
they are intending to build, from retail space to office space and industrial design.

Designs for commercial complexes in urban areas come in various forms including skyscrapers, multi-
storey malls and lifestyle centers. Today, commercial spaces are increasingly being used for a number of
purposes rather than just purely commercial space. This change in requirement poses challenges to
architects but they have responded well to this need with some very creative and successful multi use
complexes already completed and in construction.

There are a number of service providers which will assist you throughout the building process and it is
best to choose a company that has close relationships with reputable providers. They will help you
choose the site, complete the design with your budget in mind and create a commercial complex which
is the best reflection of your dream. These design firms will provide assistance from concept of the
building to its completion.

At ‘FM Architect South Africa’, we pride ourselves on assisting our customers throughout the building
process. With our years of experience, we work with our customers as a team in selecting the correct
site, completing the site design, determining and developing a realistic budget for the project, as well as
creating a building that is a true reflection of the client.