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How to find Top Interior Decorators in South Africa?

When it comes to finding top interior decorators in South Africa, there should be no question that getting a free consultation with Francois Marais Architects and interiors is the way to begin. We apply our experience toward exceeding your design goals whether it is for your commercial or residential space. We are active in all aspects of the interior design and architectural design in South Africa from the planning stages to purchasing, designing and implementing the design elements. Our designs are unique and innovative and reflect the personality of your home and company. We offer services to energize and bring  life to a wide range of design spaces including the living room, bedroom and bathroom, the entire home or your restaurant and office spaces.

As an interior designers in South Africa, our services are available throughout the country with offices in Gauteng and Cape Town as well as a large footprint in Lusaka, Zambia.You can reach our qualified top Interior Designer at 072 472 6002, or email

We provide unique design elements for your home from rich colour texture, to customized lighting and furniture as well as tile and ceiling layouts in all areas of the house and commercial space. Francois Marais Architects is excited to push boundaries and surpass expectations with the innovative interior design process and final product. Your own personal tastes mixed with the latest trends must be expressed and this is what Francois Marais Architects will do for you.

We deliver new ideas and styles along with offering the added details that make the final product unique and of the highest quality. When looking for an interior designer in South Africa. We are here to help you with unique and innovative designs.

Francois Marais Architects is an exceptional interior designer in South Africa that is committed to providing extraordinary design elements with the client in mind. For Top Interior Decorators in South Africa, We stand above the competition.