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Our top 3 stands at Cape Homemakers Expo 2016

This year’s Cape Homemakers Expo ran from 15 to 18 September at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Our Cape Town team paid a visit to the event. They saw trendy interior ideas and functional décor around every corner. There was more than enough inspiration to make any house a home!

The expo had an incredible amount of inspirational stands – from interior decorators to textile designers and creative solutions. Wallpaper designs, innovative lighting and feature pieces, to name just a few.

One of our Cape Town team’s favourite stands was Black Insomnia. They claimed to have the strongest coffee in the world! With a very interactive stand and coffee on tap, they sure started our team’s morning with a buzz.

But when the caffeine buzz disappeared, it was time to check out what else the expo had to offer. Here are our Cape Town team’s top 3 stands (in no particular order) at this year’s Cape Homemakers Expo:

Palmers Exclusive Metals


Our Cape Town clients are always looking for something unique and different. Palmers provide innovative solutions for gates, balustrades and conservatories – beautifully hand crafted and locally made raw iron goods.

Why we liked them:

  • Local product development.
  • Their designs are warm and allows you to add your personal touches.
  • They are all about the creative and finishing details.
  • Exceptionally helpful and friendly staff at the expo.



The Jetchef Microwave Oven! What a product! An absolute dream for any small space / kitchen. Perfect for cooking pretty much anything in an instant. It didn’t take much to convince us, after presenting freshly baked muffins in just 13 minutes!

This leading manufacturer in household appliances had many other latest and greatest products on full display, but our pick was definitely the Jetchef.

Wine Essentials


This is a company that specialises in wine solutions. They offer wine coolers, cabinets and many other awesome wine accessories.

Why we liked them:

  • They had an incredibly helpful team at their stand.
  • Wine culture in Cape Town is massive, and they provide the most innovative and creative solutions for wine racks.